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We all know about the damages to our appliances when our water quality isn’t quite what it could be. However, have you ever considered what these chemicals and contaminants are doing to your insides?
In the United Kingdom, we use tap water for various different things, we drink it, we brush our teeth with it, we shower in it, and we cook with it. Without adequate water filtration systems you risk the ill health effects associated with drinking contaminated water, so what’s the solution? The installation of a whole house water filter

Why Do You Need A Whole House Water Filter?

There are lots of harmful chemicals that can contaminate your home’s water supply. Generally speaking, you can find chemicals such as liquefied chlorine, fluorosilicic acid, aluminium sulphate, calcium hydroxide, and sodium silicofluoride in our water. These chemicals are added to make sure that the water is safe to drink, however key scientists are now providing evidence that long-term ingestion of chemicals used to treat tap water could be causing some major health concerns.

For example, whilst chlorine is a powerful chemical that is used to kill germs and pathogens, low levels of chlorine can cause people to be exposed to a parasite called Giardia. This parasite causes health conditions such as diarrhoea, cramps, and nausea. Additionally, there are also numerous by-products to be concerned about when chlorine mixes with other organic compounds, for example trihalomethanes (THMs) and haloacetic acids (HAAs).

However, it isn’t just chemicals that are added to water in the treatment process you need to be concerned about. There are also concerns regarding underground pipes used to transport water, many of which have been in use since the Victorian Era. Whilst lead pipes have not been permitted for 4 decades, before 1970 many smaller water pipes were made from lead. This means that for older properties it’s possible that service pipes may be made from lead or that some of the original plumbing in your property may be made from lead.

That being said, this isn’t the most frightening think that could be lurking in your tap water. Perhaps one of the more frightening chemicals that is sometimes found in our water supply is Fluoride. Approximately 10% of the UK’s water supply is fluoridated, despite the fact that fluoridation of water is banned in all other European countries. At first glance it may not seem so scary, after all the chemical fluoride is used in hygiene products like mouthwash or toothpaste which we frequently use as part of our daily oral healthcare rituals. However, it’s important to remember that these oral hygiene products are not intended to be swallowed, as which fluoride is a powerful cleaning ingredient, fluoride is more toxic than lead. In fact, fluoride is used as a pesticide to kill insects and rats.

What Types Of Whole House Filter Are Available?

Here at Direct Water Filters, we can provide a diverse range of water filtration systems to provide your home with clean drinking water. For example, you could choose a filtration system such as the 3+1 Year EcoPura Water Filtration System which uses a special blend of advanced media which enhances the adsorption of contaminants. This is alongside natural volcanic minerals, which based on numerous studies, is an effective adsorbent for the processes of purification of drinking water. It helps with the removal of ammonia, nitrogen, dissolved organic matter, radioactive substances, and the removal of heavy metals. This filtration system will result in significantly reduced bacteria and viruses, and Pseudomonas, alongside a reduction in chlorine, fluoride, nitrates, and heavy metals such as Arsenic, Cyanide, Mercury, Lead, and Chromium. In fact with regards to its pathogen filtration, it removes 99.99% viruses (polio, rotavirus, norovirus,), 99.99% bacteria (e coli, Legionella, Pseudomonas, etc.), and 99.95% cysts (giardia, cryptosporidium, etc.).

(Tested by a certified laboratory. Testing was done at 6.5pH)

Another superb whole house filter is the Ultra Violet 5 micron Antibacterial Pre Filter and Housing BB10 which is able to remove sediments such as sand silt, rust and suspended solids down to 1 micron. This is designed to be used alongside a UV filtration system, as this filter removes sediment in order to protect the UV system, allowing the UV filtration system to kill any bacteria in your water supply without introducing any harmful chemicals; destroying 99.99% of harmful organisms without changing your water’s taste or odour.

Not Sure What Whole House Water Filter System Is Best Suited To Your Needs?

With such a diverse selection of different whole house water filter products to choose from, we understand if you’re feeling spoiled for choice and you’re not such which product is the best water filter for your needs. So don’t be afraid to ask for some help, our friendly and dedicated team of experts will be happy to provide advice and assist you with your purchase.

Get In Touch With The Direct Water Filters Team

if you have any questions or if you need help identifying which product is best for you, please give our team a call on +44 (0) 1604 947 839. We are open Mon-Thurs 09:00-17:00 and Fridays 09:00-15:00. Alternatively, you can get in touch with our team online by filling out the enquiry form on our Contact Us page.

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