Phlocrite Low pH Neutraliser Filter

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Phlocrite Plus Low pH Neutraliser Filter

Phlocrite Plus Low pH Neutraliser Filter

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pHlocrite Plus (Formerly known as pHlocrite Grade B) is a natural, granular high magnesia filter media formulated to provide a simple and cost effective solution for:

The removal of dissolved carbon dioxide, ( pH Management)

Re-mineralisation and pH correction of demineralised water

Stabilisation of ground and spring waters

Neutralisation of acidic effluent from ion exchange plants

pH correction of swimming pool waters

Heavy metal removal ( In particular iron and manganese)

Corrosion control

The granular 4mm size formulation ensures that filtration performance is not compromised. This size has also been demonstrated to provide the maximum reactive surface area per unit volume whilst also assisting with the removal of turbid matter.

pH Management

Through simple filtration process, pHlocrite automatically provides pH control and establishes “stability” within the water . Technically known as establishing a balanced Langelier Saturation Index (LSI = 0)

Heavy Metal Removal

Heavy metal removal is facilitated by the alkaline environment on the surface of the pHlocrite granules. Metallic ions including Iron, Manganese, lead, copper and zinc are trapped as insoluble hydroxides.

Corrosion Control

 pHlocrite provides an excellent anti-corrosion treatment for a wide range of aggressive water conditions, including low calcium hardness, low alkalinity, and / or low pH resulting a negative Saturation Index (LSI < 0 ).

 Waters treated with pHlocrite deposit a highly protective and dense mineral complex which not only protects ferrous pipes and tanks against corrosion but also prevents contamination of supplies by lead, zinc and copper through corrosion of pipes and receptacles.


 pHlocrite is a sacrificial filter media. The rate of consumption is proportional to the volume of CO2 dissolved in the filtrate.





Service life

Max 6 months

Max 6 months

Max 6 months


5 (l/min)

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