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Catalytic Activated Coconut Carbon & KDF Filter Cartridge

Catalytic Activated Coconut Carbon & KDF Filter Cartridge

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Catalytic Carbon & KDF Media for Chlorine, Chloramine, Heavy Metals Removal

Removing Chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals from water is more difficult than removing chlorine. Standard granular activated carbon (GAC) and carbon block products have limited capacity for chloramine reduction. Products known as“catalytic” or “surface-modified” activated carbon are a better solution.

CAT is a high-performance coconut shell catalytic carbon filter specially designed to reduce chloramines in your drinking water. The enhanced catalytic functionally has four times the capacity for reducing chloramines than standard carbon and is an excellent chloramine removal water filter.

Suitable for private water supplies, aquarium/koi fish keeping (HMA), pre-filtration for reverse osmosis, drinking water applications, and any other application requiring the removal of Chlorine, Chloramine and heavy metals.

After installation, the filter should be flushed with sufficient water to remove all traces of fines.

The filter should not be used where the water is microbiologically unsafe or with water of unknown quality without adequate disinfecting before and/or after the filter.

Filter life: 6 months subject to use





Service life

6  months

6  months

6  months


6 (l/min)

15 (l/min)

20 (l/min)

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