Inline Water Filters

Inline Water Filters


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AquaKlenze AIPRO Sediment Inline Filter

AquaKlenze AIPRO Inline Sediment Filter Effective for removal of dirt, rust & sediment down to 5..

£10.95 Ex Tax: £9.13

AquaKlenze ALKALINE - Inline filter

AquaKlenze ALKALINE Inline Water Filter New alkalizing-mineralizing in-line cartridge high-tech in-l..

£19.95 Ex Tax: £16.63

AquaKlenze ANTIBACTERIAL - Inline filter

AquaKlenze ANTIBACTERIAL Inline Water Filter Due to the small pore size (0,02 micron) in combin..

£26.95 Ex Tax: £22.46

AquaKlenze BARISTA+ - Inline filter

Tea and Coffee contain 98% water so its important you use good quality and great tasting water to ge..

£21.50 Ex Tax: £17.92

AquaKlenze ROYALE Inline Water Filter

AquaKlenze ROYALE Inline Water Filter AquaKlenze ROYALE inline water filter..

£12.95 Ex Tax: £10.79

AquaKlenze STREAM Inline Water Filter

AquaKlenze STREAM Inline Water Filter AquaKlenze STREAM inline water filter..

£9.95 Ex Tax: £8.29

Chatsworth Replacement Water Filter With Scale Inhibitor

Chatsworths Replacement water filter with Lead Reduction 1 Micron carbon block will remove: limescal..

£21.46 Ex Tax: £17.88

Hydro+ 10 Inch GAC 1/4 Inch Pushfit

Hydro+ 10" GAC 1/4" Pushfit Ref: H10PA Hydro+ build quality with integral 1/4" push fit connections..

£9.95 Ex Tax: £8.29

MOCHA - Inline Water Filter

AquaKlenze MOCHA inline water filter Is perfect for Tea and Coffee drinkers who want to reduce the s..

£14.95 Ex Tax: £12.46

AquaKlenze REFRESH - Inline filter

AquaKlenze REFRESH inline water filter contain Silverised Coconut Shell Granular Acti..

£11.95 Ex Tax: £9.96

AquaKlenze WINDSOR Inline Water Filter

Windsor upto 12 months Inline Water Filter With Scale Inhibitor High Capacity Filter - upto 12 month..

£14.95 Ex Tax: £12.46

AquaKlenze AICRO - Inline filter

AquaKlenze AICRO inline water filter contain Coconut Shell Granular Activated Carbon ..

£9.95 Ex Tax: £8.29

DI Mixed Bed Resin Inline Filter Cartridge

Inline filter housing withVirgin Mixed Bed Di Resin for Window Cleaning/aquariums/car Valeting..

£17.45 Ex Tax: £14.54

Water Remineraliser for Reverse Osmosis systems

AquaKlenze  AIMRO in-line cartridge fits most 1/4” water lines. Water passing through several ..

£14.95 Ex Tax: £12.46

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