ScaleKlenze limescale Protection Cartridge Insert

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Whilst there are many products on the market that offer to ‘soften’ water, the fact is that you cannot ‘soften water’ without adding salt. Affecting the taste of water, salt also has the potential to cause harm to health when ingested in large amounts.

Scale has a poor thermal conductivity, thus wasting energy from fuel or electricity. Scale will reduce heat transfer efficiency, impede heat transfer, block water flow, cause pipe bursts. Limescale adheres to metal pipework walls and may cause pipe corrosion.

ScaleKlenze HPS anti scale media is a slow-release anti-limescale water treatment

The active ingredients of ScaleKlenze HPX limescale protection interferes with the process of scale nucleation in the form of ions at the very early stage of scale growth, i.e. at the very beginning of scale nucleation. In the form of ions directly involved in the formation of scale nuclei and interfere with the formation process, so that its nuclei distortion, forcing it to abort in the development period so that there is no longer possible scale.

ScaleKlenze HPX anti-limescale media also contains a corrosion inhibitor, and the active ingredients of the corrosion inhibitor adheres with the pipework to form a chemical film (or a passivation film) thereby making any metal corrosion rate slow down. 


For point of use, not suitable for whole house.

As a filter insert or as a filter cartridge it can be used to protect electric water heaters, gas water heaters, solar water heaters, smart toilets, ultrafiltration purifiers, reverse osmosis, boilers, heat pumps, dishwashers, boilers, coffee machines, Water purification, toilets, and washing machines. Enhances the performance and longevity of RO Membranes.


PH: 6.5-7.5

Scale Inhibiting Rate: up to 95%

Product name: ScaleKlenze HPX

Colour: white

Filtration: anti limescale protection

Principle: inhibits the adhesion of calcium and magnesium ions to plumbing equipment, fixtures, and heat exchangers.

Q: What are the main ingredients of ScaleKlenze HPX anti-scale media?

  A: Organic salt (organic salt is a degradable and environmentally friendly material). Polyphosphate sodium, Hexametaphosphate sodium ingredients that are widely used in the food industry.

Q: Is ScaleKlenze HPX media a green product?

  A: Yes. The physical and chemical properties of ScaleKlenze HPX media are very stable, and the PH value is neutral. According to different water quality, its solubility is 1-3PPM/L at room temperature, non-toxic, odourless and harmless to the human body. It meets the drinking water standards and is typically green. Environmentally friendly products.Q: 

Q: Product technical background?

  A: Based on the forty-four years of research and development by the French National Scientific Research Centre, scientists from the Corrosion and Scale Research center originally discovered several scale inhibitors and finally synthesized ScaleKlenze HPX, which is a type of scale prevention. The new anti-corrosion material is a revolutionary technological breakthrough in the water industry today.

Q: What are the characteristics of ScaleKlenze HPX media?

Efficient scale inhibition: The mechanism of ScaleKlenze HPX media is to disrupt the building process of limescale! Therefore, to make it extremely difficult for the scale crystals to form.

Only a small amount of media is used: The ideal value of ScaleKlenze HPX media for general hard water effectiveness as a scale inhibitor (up to 95% scale inhibition rate) concentration is less than 0.5ppm, while most traditional scale inhibitors have an effective scale inhibition (80% scale inhibition rate) content of 20-120ppm , or even higher.

Environmental protection: The physical and chemical properties of ScaleKlenze HPX media are very stable, and the PH value is neutral. According to different water qualities, its maximum solubility is 1~3 ppm/L at room temperature. It is non-toxic, tasteless and harmless to the human body. It is a typical green product.

Super stability: The special molecular structure of ScaleKlenze HPX media determines that it has extremely strong stability, so it also maintains a fully efficient scale inhibition rate in high pH and high-temperature environments.

Easy to use: ScaleKlenze HPX media requires no maintenance, no power consumption, and minimal head pressure loss, ScaleKlenze media automatically dissolves in water at an appropriate measured rate.

Economical and practical: using ScaleKlenze HPX media to treat water, the water quality does not need to be softened, which saves the high cost of purchasing softening equipment and maintenance and operation, so it is very economical.

Corrosion inhibition functions: It can effectively prevent pipeline corrosion, and has excellent resistance to corrosion between crystals, stress corrosion, pitting corrosion, under-scaling corrosion, and microbial corrosion.

 Q: What is the principle of ScaleKlenze HPX media scale inhibition?

   A: In the budding stage of scale growth,( the initial stage of scale nucleus formation), ScaleKlenze HPX media directly participates in, and interferes with the formation process of scale nuclei in the form of ions, causing the nucleus to be distorted, forcing it to die in the developmental stage and no longer be able to build into the formation of scale crystals, which truly eliminates the generation of limescale.

Q: How long is the service life of ScaleKlenze HPX media?

  A: It is a long-lasting product. 1,000 liters of water consumes only 1g. Determined according to the water quality and water consumption in different places. (Take the local mains water quality on the east coast of England as an example, the hardness is more than 500ppm, and if the water consumption is approx. 150 liters/day, can be used for up to one year

Q: Can ScaleKlenze HPX media be used for scale inhibition when the water hardness is very high?

  A: Yes, ScaleKlenze HPX media scale inhibition is only related to water consumption and local water quality. If the hardness is very high, adjust the dosage to increase performance.


+ Long service life

+Temperature of treated water up to 105С

+ Effective with the hardness up to 34

+ Safe for the environment and human health

+ Compact size

+ NO electricity consumption

+ Can be installed by the homeowner

+ NO excessive use of water

+ Easy maintenance. The cartridge can be easily replaced (after expiring) by the homeowner

Part No     Flow Rate     Max Usage    Application 
HPX-8G             8 Lpm                   8,000 L         POU
HPX-30G     15LPM                 30,000 L        POE
HPX-45G     20Lpm                 45,000 L        POE

* Additional filtration can be added to this system.

Pros & Cons Buying a Salt-Based vs Salt-Free Filter

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