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1600G light commercial direct flow reverse osmosis water system with auto flushing membrane. 

High-capacity reverse osmosis system - anywhere, where you need pure water. Comes with two large pre filters, type BB10 '', 2x 800gpd reverse osmosis membrane (upgrades available), auto flush computer with 2 probe TDA meter.

Simple construction and compact size make it easy to be transported and moved around, quickly installed and connected to a water supply in practically any place, eg when placed inside of a van or out in a garden. Ideal solution for those who need a lot of clean water to fill an aquarium tank - now you won't have to drag a water tank with you - you can produce crystal-clear water at your work-place - while cleaning the windows. All you need to do is to connect the RO system to a garden hose.

We can assemble tailor-made configurations on request - for more details give us a call!


Supplied water temperature: 5 - 40 ° C

Min. Water pressure: 20 psi

Max. water pressure: 80 psi

Max. the salinity of water: 2000 ppm (up to 5000ppm on request)

Raw water connections: three types included in set:

1. Connection for3/8" quick connect ( or 1/2"  3/4 '' BSP

Clean water supply hose: 3 / 8 ''

Drain to the sewer: 1/4 ''

Dimensions: Height 59 cm, Width 47 cm, Depth 31 cm


1 STEP         Polypropylene cartridge BIG BLUE 10'' 5 mic        

2 STEP         Carbon block cartridge BIG BLUE 10''       

3 STEP         Membrane  800GPD model: WR-3113-800 X2        

4 STEP         Inline POSTFILTER cartridge    (OPTIONAL)    

PUMP:          36V 2.8A        (not continuous duty)

VOLTAGE:    240vac transformer to 36Vdc 2.8A        

TRANSFORMER:    240vac transformer to 36Vdc 2.8A         

SOLENOIDS:         QF Solenoid valve 36V 3/8'' TUBE – 3/8''' TUBE        

COMPUTER BOARD:         PREMIUM 36V-2TDS        



 Reverse osmosis is a method of purifying water by pushing it through a semi-permeable membrane, the membrane allows pure water molecules through it, whilst impurities are flushed away. By using reverse osmosis, it is possible to remove all suspended solids, up to 98% of dissolved solids and virtually all bacteria, pesticides and viruses. Reverse osmosis has many benefits.

 At the heart of any reverse osmosis system is the membrane, water is forced under pressure through the membrane to a storage tank and the waste by-product goes to drain. In addition to the membrane reverse osmosis unit also incorporates pre-filters. Because filtered RO water is produced very slowly it is necessary to store the treated water in a tank or container to supply filtered RO water as and when it is required.

 This RO system will remove up to 99% of tap water contaminants.

  Typical removal rates (%)

 Sodium (99%), Calcium (99%), Magnesium (99%), Potassium (98%), Iron (99%), Manganese (99%), Aluminium (99%), Ammonium (97%), Copper (99%), Nickel (99%), Zinc (99%), Cadmium (99%), Silver (98%), Mercury (98%), Barium (99%), Chromium (99%), Lead (99%), Chloride (99%), Bicarbonate (98%), Nitrate (97%), Fluoride (98%), Silicate (98%), Phosphate (99%), Chromate (99%), Cyanide (95%), Sulphate (99%), Bromide (98%), Arsenic (99%), Selenium (99%), Bacteria (99%), Protozoa (99%), Amoebic Cysts (99%), Giardia (99%), Asbestos (99%), Oestrogen (99%), Sediment / Turbidity (99%)

 Important information to consider prior to ordering.

 Our Reverse Osmosis Systems are shipped fully assembled complete with a comprehensive instruction manual for easy DIY installation with no plumbing experience required.

The effectiveness and productivity of RO systems increase with greater water pressure and temperature. The actual flow rate (in GPD) of any reverse osmosis system depends on your source water pressure and temperature.

While manufacturers state that 60 psi is required at the membrane for full production, we know that not everyone's cold water is at 60 psi and 30 °C therefore, we remind you that you might get less than the stated GPD from your membrane, perhaps 50% or even less if your pressure and temperature are very low!

If the flow rate is critical for you, you need to consider all these factors before choosing membrane size.

 Recommended specification

 Temperature: membranes are designed to operate between 13 °C - 30 °C

Water pressure: Min 40 psi, Optimum 80 psi, 

Chlorine content of no more than 0.1 ppm

PH 2 - 11

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