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Next Generation Tankless On-Demand Reverse Osmosis Stainless Steel Water Purifier
Tankless on-demand Drinking Water Filtration Systems are rapidly replacing ordinary traditional water filters

1. Safe and clean water. It will provide you with safe and tasty drinking water guaranteeing 99.99% protection from any known viruses and bacteria. As it is a direct flow system, it means you don’t need a tank for water. Thus, no risk of any bacterial growth exists when water stored in a tank for a long time (more than 1 month).
2. No risks associated with plastic containers. Our system will eliminate all the risks of long-term storage of drinking water in plastic containers, e.g. bacterial growth during prolonged storage; heating of plastic bottles during summer and the use of prohibited plastic.  
3. Space-saving/Easy installation in 20 minutes/Modern Design. The system consists of the most compact installation since a tank is not needed. It is a beautiful modern design.

Key Benefits of Fresca RO
In a class of its own, high-end water purification system that offers a Small footprint, easy change filters, strong stainless steel housing 1000GPD membrane.

The Purest Water
Reverse Osmosis treated water is free from chlorine, Limescale, Fluoride, Lead, heavy metals, dissolved solids, microplastics, pharmaceuticals drugs, pesticides, PFAS, Graphine Oxide, bacteria and viruses, Nitrates and Nitrites and 100’s of other trace contaminants.

Fresh Pure Water
High flow up to 1000GPD, if you have 80psi pressure or 800gpd with the pump module, instantly available water flow, freshly filtered water as and when you need it. Never wait for a storage tank to replenish. The Freska RO system delivers a virtually unlimited amount of safe, clean, and delicious water right at your sink, every day. No need to buy bottled water, save on plastic bottles and help the environment. Unbeaten Efficiency and Lower Cost of Ownership
Up to 3 times less waste water due to 1:1 ratio or better recovery rate. Save money on your water utility bill.

High efficiency combined prefilter cartridge up to 54,000 liters which is up to 7 times the capacity of standard traditional cartridges which requires less frequent filter changes saving you time and money on replacements, the more you use your R.O. machine the more you save!

About R.O. Filtration
Reverse osmosis is currently the most advanced yet most natural method of water purification. A Semipermeable membrane allows only the water molecules to pass through and rejects everything else. R.O. treated water is free from chlorine, Limescale, Fluoride, Lead, heavy metals, dissolved solids, microplastics, pharmaceuticals drugs, pesticides, PFAS, Graphine Oxide, bacteria and viruses, and 100’s of other trace contaminants. There is no magic, pseudoscience, or unproven claims, it just works!.
Reverse osmosis is used worldwide whenever and wherever clean pure water is needed, They are used on ocean liners, boats, pharmaceutical industry, dentists, Hospitals and to supply the space station, also many countries use RO for desalination plants to turn sea water into fresh water.
The reverse osmosis process is used in nature and is as natural as it can be since it’s essentially the same process used in every living cell on Earth. Cell membrane allows only what it needs to get through and rejects everything foreign.
Bottled Water Quality at Home
Freska’s stainless steel tankless reverse osmosis system delivers a virtually unlimited amount of safe, clean water right to your home, every day, all day. No need to carry heavy and dispose of plastic bottled water anymore! Ideal for drinking, beverages, coffee & tea, food preparation ice makers, cooking, sports drinks, etc.

No more Limescale
No more Fluoride
No more Lead & Heavy Metals
No more PHAS, PHOS
No More everything...

How the RO Works
The Freska RO system usually sits under the kitchen sink with the purified water faucet/tap installed on the sink or worktop close to the sink.  A 3-way combination tap of your desired style choice can also be used. To get fresh and clean water instantly just open the faucet, and everything else will be performed automatically.
Easy Installation
Fresca RO system is easy to set up using only basic hand tools using the included accessories.
1, Position the RO System.
This system naturally mounts under the kitchen sink but can also be installed near other point-of-use maybe in a cellar, garage or utility room. 
2, Install Drain Saddle on the Drain Pipe. Connect the drain clamp to the sink waste and insert the drain hose.
3, Install the supplied feed water valve to the mains water pipe and connect to the system.
4, Install the drinking water faucet to the sink or worktop
5, Connect the Tubes and Start-Up.

The Fresca RO system may also be used with a pressure boosting pump module if your water pressure is too low or you want maximum water flow, and the system may also be used with an optional storage tank if you prefer! The storage tank and pump module can be added easily, at any time, even after the installation of the system itself.

What's in the Box
The R.O. filtration unit
Mains water feed valve
Faucet /tap
Drain saddle clamp
Water tubing ¼” and 3/8”
User’s guide

Technical Data
Operating requirements:
Minimum supply water pressure: 20 psi
Maximum supply water pressure: 80 psi
Minimum water temperature: 5 °C
Optimal water temperature: 15–25 °C
Maximum water temperature: 35 °C 
Water source: tap water supply, chlorinated or non-chlorinated, bacteriologically safe
Maximum supply water TDS: 1000 ppm
Indoor use only
Electrical input: AC 100-240V 50/60 Hz
Electrical plug: British 3 pin

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