Combi-Care Polyphosphate Dosing System (22mm Pipe) Scale InhibitorsAC002200LIFF

Combi-Care Polyphosphate Dosing System (22mm Pipe)

Combi-Care Polyphosphate Dosing System (22mm Pipe)

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A popular and effective method of treating water before it is heated in instantaneous water heating units like combination boilers. The Combi-Care works by introducing a very small amount of food grade polyphosphate into the water feed, sequestering the calcium in the water and preventing if from forming scale on the heat exchanger.

Offers protection from both limescale and corrosion

Suitable for whole house or single appliance protection

Flow rates up to 54 litres per minute

Easy change cartridge

Cartridges have a 12 month life, tying in with annual service contracts

Can also be used in soft water areas as a corrosion inhibitor



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