Limebeater 2 22mm electrolytic scale inhibitor Scale InhibitorsLBP2-22LIFF

Limebeater 2 22mm electrolytic scale inhibitor

Limebeater 2 22mm electrolytic scale inhibitor

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The Limebeater is an electrolytic water conditioner that uses the principles of electrolytic action to alter the characteristics of hard water. Once conditioned by the Limebeater, limescale simply passes through a domestic hot water system without sticking to the heat exchange surfaces. When used in a hard water area, the Limebeater can extend the life of household water appliances such as shower units, hot water cylinders & boilers.

Single appliance or whole house protection

Helps lower heating bills (reduces scale)

Water remains potable

No maintenance costs

Water remains in a treated state even when stored

This is not a water softener it is a scale inhibitor product which will prevent scale buid up on pipework and heating elements.

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