Inline Water Filters

Inline Water Filters

Inline Water Filters


AIPRO Sediment Inline Filter

AIPRO Inline Sediment Filter Effective for removal of dirt, rust & sediment down to 5 microns. G..


ALKALINE - Inline Water Enhancer

ALKALINE - Inline Water Enhancer  New alkalizing-mineralizing in-line cartridge high-tech in-li..


AquaKlenze ANTIBACTERIAL - Inline filter

AquaKlenze ANTIBACTERIAL Inline Water Filter Due to the small pore size (0,02 micron) in combin..


Chatsworth Replacement Water Filter With Scale Inhibitor

Chatsworths Replacement water filter with Lead Reduction 1 Micron carbon block will remove: limescal..


MOCHA - Inline Water Filter

AquaKlenze MOCHA inline water filter Is perfect for Tea and Coffee drinkers who want to reduce the s..


STREAM Inline Water Filter

STREAM Inline Water Filter STREAM inline water filter contains Silverised Coconut Shell Gra..


AquaKlenze WINDSOR Inline Water Filter

Windsor upto 12 months Inline Water Filter With Scale Inhibitor High Capacity Filter - upto 12 month..


AquaKlenze AICRO - Inline filter

AquaKlenze AICRO inline water filter contain Coconut Shell Granular Activated Carbon ..


LIFF NSK-13 Compatible Inline filter

The NSK13-C Compatible water filter cartridge is designed to fit the NRSK water filter system. The w..


Water Remineraliser for Reverse Osmosis systems

AquaKlenze  AIMRO in-line cartridge fits most 1/4” water lines. Water passing through several ..


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