Liff FP20n UV System

Liff FP20n UV System LIFFFP20NLIFF

Liff FP20n UV System

Liff FP20n UV System

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Where water is supplied from untreated wells, boreholes, springs etc, bacteria and viruses can enter the water supply through contaminants such as animal faeces or carcasses. Even in treated water, bacteria can contaminate drinking water supplies and cold water storage tanks. The treatment of water by Ultra Violet Light Disinfection provides an effective solution to this problem. Liff UV units effectively destroy E-coli and other bacteria and viruses in water. Liff UV disinfection units are easily installed, reliable and are fully effective, and are available in a range of sizes.

The Liff FP20n uv systems is suitable for flow rates upto 8 litres per minute and comes complete with 5 micron pre filter.

The FP20N is not suitable for whole house protection. For this application consider flow rates greater than 19 litre/min (P30N or P55N).

Fit the UV unit as close to the point of use as possible.

Allow sufficient space to change the ultra violet lamp. Protect from freezing.

Specification FP20N: 

Max. Flow8 l/min @ 30mj/cm (300J/m2)
Dimension (mm)460 x 460 x 160


Supplied with housing & cartridge

Max. Working Pressure5 Bar (75 psi)

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