50 Micron spin down pre-filter

50 Micron spin down pre-filter

50 Micron spin down pre-filter

50 Micron spin down pre-filter

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Spin Down pre-filter 

self-cleaning pre-filter is used before other filtration on Private Water Supply to remove larger particles to protect the main sediment filters from premature fouling. 

This filter can also be used in rainwater harvesting systems.

self-cleaning pre-filter has a 50-micron stainless steel gauze filter that can be simply washed under a tap and reused.

Manual washable filter with stainless steel filtering mesh (50 µm).

Manual blow-off valve at the bottom. (3/8" Thread connector 3/8" tube).

Housing Wrench.

Indicator dial to show the last month it was cleaned.




• Material: Copper + Stainless Steel + Aerospace Engineering Plastic

• Size(approx.): 22 x 8.9 x 6cm/8.66 x 3.50 x 2.36''

• Connector Size: Internal Thread G3/4", External Thread G1/2"

• Working Pressure: 1bar-6bar

• Flow: 2.6m³/h-4.2m³/h

• Stainless steel filter mesh, precision is up to 50 micron

• Unique swivel sludge scraper design, no need to disassemble, instantaneous cleaning

• Can be installed as pre-filter of home main water pipe

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