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Whole House Systems

Private Whole House Water Filter For Domestic Properties

If your water source originates from a surface water supply (such as a river, lake or stream) or a ground water supply (a spring, well or borehole) a private whole house water filter will ensure that containments are removed; providing the entirety of the home with safe, clean drinking water. This is where we can help – here Direct Water Filters, we are a well-respected supplier of high-quality water filtration products for domestic properties.

Easy-to-use, our selection of great-value water filtration systems will offer you the peace of mind that you can enjoy all your domestic water supplies without worries about their quality. You can also select a specific filter to deal with any precise issue you may have – from the filtering out of certain chemicals, right through to providing protection against mineral deposits.

Whatever your reason for a private water filter, you can feel rest assured that we have you covered.

Choosing The Ideal Private Whole House Water Filter

Whole House Water Filter – The Basics.

A whole house water filter sifts through containments that are likely to be found in the water supply; in public water supplies (where treatment chemicals are used), this is usually chlorine or fluoride. However, as private water supplies are drawn directly from natural sources, there is likely a range of other chemical and bacterial matter that may affect the quality and consistency of the water too. Commonly, this is a result of contamination by humans and wildlife or because of unforeseen/unguarded natural effects, such as flooding or subsidence.

Why You Need A Private Water Filter.

As private water supplies are regulated by local authorities, having a high-quality private water filter will also ensure that you’re in the best position to meet the set policies; further helping the continuing function of your home’s water supply. If you’re moving to a new property, it should be noted that all private water supplies will need to be registered with the local authority – in almost all cases, your supply will need treatment and regular testing and analysis.

Although they’re regularly monitored, the consistency of private water supplies cannot be guaranteed – therefore, a water filter acts as a last line of defence to stop containments from spoiling your everyday water. Indeed, most local authorities advise that you install a filter to ensure this protection.

Aside from improving the quality of the drinking water and establishing a safe working water supply, another key reason why people choose to use a private whole house water filter is to rid their kitchens, washrooms, toilets and bathrooms of water hardness. Limescale and other mineral deposits are the bane of many a homeowner as they are liable to cause long-term damage to water appliances. It stands to sense then, that a catch-all filter for all your water dispensers should be used, instead of placing individual filters on every single source you have.

Choosing Your Ideal Water Filter.

Aside from covering the entire supply, the ability of a private whole house water filter to sift through specific chemicals and minerals is a big attraction – you can select a filter based on the precise needs you have.

Whatever the issue; be it the purification of water from treatment chemicals, pesticides or natural minerals, or preventative measures against limescale build-up; you will be able to find a filter that will treat any problem you may be suffering from.

We have a complete range of private whole house water filters that will ensure that your supply is kept safe and clean, no matter where in the house you’re using it. Instead of having to maintain multiple filters connected inside/on each of your water dispensers, you will need to deal with just ONE filter for the entire house; vastly cutting down on the time it takes to do so.

Why not take a look at the water filters we have on sale? For further information, click on their product pages which detail their technical specifics.

Choose Direct Water Supplies For High-Quality Water Filters

Please feel free to browse our range of private whole house water filters – if have any questions, we would be pleased to hear from you. For advice and assistance, you can call our team on 01604 947 829 or alternatively, you can send an e-mail to us at sales@directwaterfilters.co.uk

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