Limebeater 2 Compact 15mm electrolytic scale inhibitor

Brand: LIFF
Product Code: LBC2-15V2
EAN: 5698292056574
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15mm compession fittings

The Limebeater is an electrolytic water conditioner that uses the principles of electrolytic action to alter the characteristics of hard water. Once conditioned by the Limebeater, limescale simply passes through a domestic hot water system without sticking to the heat exchange surfaces. When used in a hard water area, the Limebeater can extend the life of household water appliances such as shower units, hot water cylinders & boilers.


Single appliance or whole house protection

Helps lower heating bills (reduces scale)

Water remains potable

No maintenance costs

Water remains in a treated state even when stored

This is not a water softener it is a scale inhibitor product which will prevent scale build up on pipework and heating elements.

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