DE Chlorinating Water Filter Media

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 Replaceable filtration media for ECOGARDEN filter housing

Premium Quality Inline DE Chlorinating Water Filter Media ONLY

For Koi Fish Ponds, Garden Hydroponics Plants, Hot Tubs  & Other Applications 

Mains water contains Chlorine and Heavy Metals that are not suitable for a healthy and balanced fish pond. EcoCeram’s De-Chlorinators are used to remove harmful chlorine and other impurities from mains tap water when refilling a pond.

This is very important as failure to do this can result in fish health problems and it also adversely affect the growth of beneficial bacteria in all filters. The EcoCeram De-Chlorinator simply connects in-line to a hose pipe with standard hose fittings. The filter removes the toxins in tap water prior to it coming into contact with your fish and filters.

Why is Ecoceram’s new and improved system simply the best?

Activated Carbon
Zeolite NSF approved
A blend of media to remove chlorine, heavy metals and bacteria. Active ceramics eliminates bacteria build up in the filter and housing which removes heavy metals and along with the carbon  VOC’s, chlorine, bacteria.

They are dedicated for cold water filtration. Due to the unique formula, the cartridge is capable of remove heavy metals from water (i.e. lead, copper, mercury) as well as radioactive particles (caesium, strontium).


Highest quality

Made of safe, food grade materials

Removes heavy metals (Pb, Cu, Hg, Sr, Cs)

Removes chlorine, its derivatives and organic substances

Excellent filtration at small pressure drops

Connects to a garden standard hose

Clean and "no hassle" water changes

Easy replaceable inline filter cartridge

100% fish safe

High toxin removal rate

Low cost per gallon of treated water

Simple to Use


Garden Plants & lawns


KOI & other fish Ponds

Pools & Hot tubs

If you want to keep your pond water healthy, a high quality de-chlorinating pond filter is an essential investment.

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