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Coconut Carbon Block with Silver Water Filter Cartridge
High quality Coconut carbon block mix with silver made of a mixture of NSF approved activa..
0.5 Micron Silverised Coconut Shell Carbon Block Cartridge for Bacteria,Cyst & Lead Reduction
0.5 Micron nominal filtrationSilver impregnatedChlorine, colour and odour reduction100% Coconut shel..
Aragon 32 technology for Hard WaterBB20 size Filters up to 45-50 liters a minute, and typically filt..
GAC/KDF Coconut shell Carbon (GAC) and KDF media
Features and Benefits: Cartridges filled with  coconut shell granulated activated carbon (GAC) ..
Catalytic Activated Coconut Carbon & KDF Filter Cartridge
    Catalytic Carbon & KDF Media for Chlorine, Chloramine, Heavy Metals Removal ..
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