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Salt-based water softeners have a bit of a bad reputation in the water quality industry. Consistent maintenance, increased use of electricity and water, and the constant purchase of salt and chemicals has caused some homeowners to turn their back on salt-based water softeners.

How Salt-Based Water Softeners Work

Water softening literally means you are removing the hardness causing minerals (mainly calcium and magnesium) from the water through a process called ion exchange. Salt-based water softeners contain a resin bed which filters the water through, exchanging those hardness minerals for sodium particles. When the resin bed has reached a saturation point, the cleaning cycle (or regeneration) begins wherein a series of back flushes purge the trapped minerals and flushes them out of the system. The sodium particles are replenished as well and the system continues to soften.


Small service life

- Temperature of treated water up to 45oС

Effective with the hardness up to 7

Do not remove existing scale

Negative impact on the environment

The water after the softener is not suitable for drinking, contains salt

Takes up a lot of cupboard space

Requires electrical power supply

A professional for installation is needed

Excessive use of water up to 7% wasted (for regeneration)

Service maintenance is required

Expensive and heavy salt bags required for use

Adds a slimy feel to water


How IXA Anti Scale Salt-Free Water Systems Work

A special high-quality food and anti allergenic ion-exchange resin developed which inhibits (prevents) the growth of hard lime scale crystals on heating elements, pipework and fittings.In addition, the iXA Anti Scale filter reduces the content of heavy metals, chlorine and hydrogen sulphide in the water, preventing clogging of narrow ducts in shower and plumbing systems. Thanks to the special properties of this filter media, in the filtered water the calcium hardness salts Ca2 + and magnesium Mg2 + lose their property of being "fixed" to the contacting surfaces, thereby preventing the formation of white deposits and hard limescale on the heating elements and prolonging their service life. As a result of using the filter with the iXA Anti Scale media, the  scale on the heat exchanger and pipework does not form, the surface is less exposed to corrosive water, which increases the service life of the water heating equipment pipework and sanitary ware, and also reduces gas and electricity costs.


Long service life

+Temperature of treated water up to 105oС

+ Effective with the hardness up to 34

+ Delicately removes previously formed hard lime scale deposits

+ Safe for the environment and human health

+ Compact size

+ NO electricity consumption

+ Can be installed by the homeowner

+ NO excessive use of water

+ Easy maintenance.Cartridge can be easily replaced (after expired) by the homeowner

+ Filter also reduces heavy metals, chlorine and hydrogen sulphide in the water

+ Extra filters can be added

All Round Protection

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