Fluoride, Arsenic, Colour, Lead & Heavy Metals

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Bone char carbon is currently one of the most effective methods for the reduction of fluoride, arsenic, chlorine, chloramine, lead, cadmium, mercury, iron, manganese, copper, zinc, aluminum, nickel, radio-nuclides, radioactive isotopes, fertilizers, uranium, radium, pesticides and herbicides from water.
What is Charcoal?
Charcoal is a porous black solid material, consisting of an amorphous form of carbon, obtained as a residue when wood, bone, or other organic matter is heated in the absence of air. This process removes water and volatile chemicals from the material. The carbonised product possesses different chemical properties, depending on the source material.
Charcoal has historically been used as a fuel, writing material and pigment, and also as filtration media, for centuries. Its efficacy as filter media is due to the structure of the product after processing. The material is very porous, providing a large surface area, thereby enabling the capture of many unwanted contaminants. This occurs via adsorption, through which the undesired substances stick to the surface of the filtration material.
Bone char is made of charred cattle bones that are thoroughly cleaned out of cold storage,  and completely dried. It then gets carbonized under controlled conditions at 1472 degrees F. You end up with 100% organic, Kosher Certified bone char that is 10% carbon, 80% phosphate of calcium and 10% calcium carbonate. As a filter media it leaves behind only beneficial minerals and no toxicity. It is more effective at water filtration than coconut due to being 100s of times more porous with fluoride-attracting calcium.
Brimac® Bone Char is a unique natural form of activated carbon, due to the nature of the raw material, and the kilning process. The carbonised product possesses great mechanical strength due to its chemical composition and improved adsorption of many unwanted chemicals and heavy metals such as fluoride, chlorine, chloramine, lead and mercury, colour and tannins.  Its main use for many years has been in sugar refining, where it has been used to decolourise solvent sugar and remove other mineral impurities. Brimac® Bone Char is also a very effective water filter media, as its ability to remove many heavy metals is greater than standard activated carbon. Most of these heavy metals are neurotoxins which pose significant hazards to human health and are therefore to be avoided.
One of the key differences between Bone Char and "normal" active carbon is that it captures the unwanted contaminates using different modes. This can sometimes cause preferential removal of some contaminates over others, 
The presence of chlorine, chlorine salts, and sulfates affect the performance of the bone charcoal as they cause cross-reactions with the calcium present. Also, our tests have shown that below pH 4.5 the bone char starts to dissolve, limiting performance.
For optimal performance, the media should not be disturbed during operation and therefore backwashing is not recommended so protection of the media by a pre-filtration bed is recommended.
Below is a table showing the maximum removal rates for various metals.

 This media will also remove colour and Tannins from water.
for the 10" we would roughly expect the life to be at least 3000 US gallons with a flow rate 0f 0.5 GPM again this is dependent on the quality of the raw water.
Greatest Lead Reduction Capacity of Any 10 inch Cartridge ( Compared with all NSF and WQA listed products)
Greatest Chloramine reduction to non-detect level than any media
Low-Pressure Drop
It is recommended to flush filter for 15 minutes prior to use
  the granular media is certified to NSF/ANSI 61.
 Brimac® Bone Char is produced to the highest standards in our Mexican production facility and has achieved several internationally recognised certifications.
ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System
NSF 61 





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6 -12 months

6 -12 months


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