EM Ceramics

EM Ceramics EM (Effective Micro-organisms)

Water retains traces of everything that comes into contact with it. Small particles in the water, or dissolved solids, have tiny charged ions that stick the solids together and to the water molecules, forming clusters of water molecules with impurities trapped inside.

To purify the water, we need to break up these molecule clusters and remove the impurities. Since the molecules are ionized, we can do this effectively by using a charge to pull the clusters apart, a process known as ion water purification.

EM® Ceramics have the unique ability to remove this pollution imprint from the memory of the water molecules through what is referred to as “far infrared signals”. By removing the pollution memory from the purified water, the molecules restructure back to the hexagonal micro clusters. The regular consumption of the liquid crystals known as hexagonally-structured water has been recognized as one of the most important keys to improved health. It has been associated with rapid hydration, heightened immune function, the efficient removal of toxins, better nutrient absorption, longevity, weight loss, and overall greater health.

EM® Ceramic emits far infrared waves, which are the longest rays in the light spectrum. They emit an ultrasonic frequency (around 30 kilohertz) that will break the water clusters apart improving  hydration.

When EM® ceramics are placed in water they have an immediate effect on the water through a process of resonance. EM ceramics have the ability to 're-structure' the properties of water. They reduce the water cluster and reduce surface tension. They revitalise water to eliminate faults in electromagnetic fields. The water is then easier to absorb into the body.

EM® Ceramics are formed when special montmorillonite clays are fermented with EM (Effective Microorganisms) and then baked at temperatures ranging from 600 to 1200 degrees Celsius.

In fact, many of the microbes making up EM have been around since life began on earth, when temperatures were very high and atmospheric oxygen was virtually non-existent. These microbes, still around today, are known as ‘anaerobes’ they thrive without oxygen, preferring methane, ammonia, CO2 and sulphur dioxide. They are known as beneficial microbes because they positively affect our environment, cleaning up the harmful by products of waste and pollution.

Although some anaerobes are harmful, only the beneficial microbes survive the clay firing. These clever EMs, not only survive the extreme temperatures of baking, but they are able to multiply within the matrix of the baked clay, given sufficient food to do so. Newly formed organisms can then move out of the clay, to perform their natural functions, feasting on organic matter and inactivating chemicals and harmful microbes.

EM® Ceramics are ideal for keeping  water clear and drinkable. They can also be used in water jugs, kettles and baths.  They will also prevent calcification of the elements in your dishwasher and washing machine. They make water softer and reduce the need for dish washing and clothes washing detergent. EMs are natural antioxidants and help to prevent rust in appliances. EM Ceramics will improve water quality and suppress algae in aquaculture, ponds and tanks. They can even be used in swimming pools instead of chlorine.

EM® Ceramics - Improving water quality

• Agriculture - To improve water quality and improve the health of your stock.

• Aquaculture - To improve the water quality and suppress algal growth.

• In The Home - Installing an in-line EM ceramic system to your water supply will significantly change the quality of your water, improving its taste and make taking a bath an even more pleasurable experience.

• Swimming Pools - add to the filter and used in conjunction with EM, to eliminate the need for using chlorine.