AquaKlenze MOCHA - Inline filter

MOCHA - Inline Water Filter Kit AquaKlenzeMOCHA-KDirect Water Filters

MOCHA - Inline Water Filter Kit

MOCHA - Inline Water Filter Kit

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AquaKlenze MOCHA inline water filter

Is perfect for Tea and Coffee drinkers who want to reduce the scum and scale from their beverage.

Contains a ION Exchange softening resin and coconut shell Granular Activated Carbon with Nano silver.

Also removes Chlorine and heavy metals from drinking water, the nanosilver acts as a antibacterial to prevent microbiological growth inside the filter.


L - 10" x Dia. - 2"

Rated for flow rates to 2 LPM

Removes Chlorine for good taste and odour

Acts as a bacteriosat

Softens water without removing all the calcium and magnesium ions

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