Under Sink Kits

Under Sink Kits

Under Sink Drinking Water Kits

Drinking water filtration systems usually comprise of a filter cartridge housing and replaceable filter, and their purpose is to be added into a mains cold water supply. 
From compact Inline kits to full flow multi housing systems.

Drinking water systems kits are usually supplied with a separate drinking water tap and hose fixing kit, everything you need for easy installation.


All our inline drinking water filtration kits should only be fitted to a safe potable water supply.

Cartridges should be replaced every 6 months (unless otherwise stated), depending on the quality of the incoming water and the amount of water used. 

All drinking water kits and water filters should be fitted with a suitable isolation valve and the pressure relieved from the system by opening a suitable tap prior to working on the filter or changing the cartridge.