LIFF Undersink Kits

LIFF Undersink Kits

If you’re searching for a high-quality under sink water filtration system, then look no further than the range of LIFF water filters we have on sale here at Direct Water Filters. As a leading supplier of such products, our link-up with one of the most popular and well-known manufactures of domestic filtration systems allows our customers the opportunity to benefit from their high capabilities.

Whether you find your water sources are suffering from limescale and/or the quality of the drinking water is a concern, you can feel rest assured that LIFF’s products are able to prevent a build-up of hard water and filter out impurities at a stroke.

Why Choose Under Sink LIFF Water Filters?

Whilst build-ups of calcium and magnesium aren’t particularly harmful to health, they have been studied to have the capability to aid the growth of bacteria within a water supply. Not only can limescale be somewhat of a nuisance in cleaning up, but significant build-ups can damage taps, tanks, boilers, radiators and other water applications.

An under sink water filtration can prevent all this – unlike water softeners like salt, they can help to keep out a wide range of bacteria from entering your water supply. The devices created by LIFF have an enhanced ability to filter out a wide range of impurities in water, preventing limescale from making inroads onto your plumbing system.

One of the best features about under sink filters is that they can be easily installed – you simply need to follow the instructions that come complete with the kit to connect it to the sink. No expensive plumber call-outs, no fiddly jobs or time-consuming process, attach it underneath the sink and away you go.

Other great reasons why you should choose under sink LIFF water filters include:

  • They are an ideal space-saving solution. If you don’t necessarily have the space to install a large filtration system or simply wish to keep your filter out of sight, under sink filters are the best option to use. As they’re installed under the sink, they maximise useful kitchen, bathroom or washroom space for you to use for something else.
  • They are easy to maintain. Another great advantage of the high-qualities of the average LIFF water filtration system is that they require little maintenance. Aside from regular filter cartridge replacement, they can be left alone to produce healthy water and to keep limescale at bay.
  • They are cost-effective. Over the long-term, under sink water filters will prove to be an extremely cost-effective purchase; not only can they protect your water sources from damage, but the lack of maintenance they require will see you save on monetary cost time-and-again.
  • You can choose a water filter that suits your requirements. Based on your requirements or circumstances, there is a multiple-choice when choosing your LIFF water filters. Whether there are certain contaminants that you want to remove or volume of water you need processing, you can select your ideal kit – no ‘square pegs in round holes’.

Interested in learning more about LIFF water filtration systems? Then please take your time to browse the selection that we have here at Direct Water filters – click on each of the products to learn more about their specifications.

Choose LIFF Under Sink Water Filtration Kits and Accessories From Direct Water Filters

Aside from the selection of LIFF water filters that you see on this product page, we have all the replacement filter cartridges you need to keep your system in top condition. Competitively priced, we recommend that all cartridges are replaced every 6 months – on occasion, it may be necessary to change it more frequently (especially if you notice changes to the water quality) but as a general rule, twice-a-year replacements will suffice.

If you have any further questions about our LIFF filters, we are on hand to help. Our expert team have many years of experience within the industry, so do not hesitate to contact us today – call us on 01604 947 839 or e-mail

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